Before You Schedule Your Inspection...

Please call our office to schedule Radon Only. We have additional availability for radon that is not listed on the inspection schedule.

Before you schedule, please read the following:

  1. Review our fees and services.
  2. Review our inspection specifications to get the specifics on our home inspection procedures. This will help to prepare you for the home inspection process.
  3. Determine the finished living space and approximate year built for pricing purposes. If the house is more than 3,500 square feet or is a multi-unit building, please call to schedule

We also recommend you consider:

  1. Inspector availability. Hopefully, we have a date and time that will work for you. Our inspectors availability is shown on the list or on our calendar view. We encourage you to attend the entire inspection; however, if you cannot attend we will still perform the inspection for you. NOTICE: Per WPML rules - If this is a buyer inspection, only the buyer(s) listed on the sales agreement may attend the inspection if your agent will not be there. We do not offer evening time slots for inspections. You may call and request to be put on a cancellation list if there is not a date or time that works with your contract/schedule. It may be possible to arrange another time if the inspector has availability not shown on this calendar.
  2. Review the ASHI Standards of Practice. This document explains the procedures for a home inspection and indicates what will and will not be inspected.

Please note: Our inspectors all have lock box keys. Please confirm with the seller (or seller's agent) that we have permission to use the lock box.


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