Radon Test Overview

Testing will be performed by VBInspect.com Inc., testing firm #2808. For more information about Radon and Radon testing, please visit the PADEP Radon website or the EPA's Radon Page.

Radon Test using E-Perm System

For more information on the E-Perm System, please visit the Radelect website: http://www.radelec.com/

Closed House Conditions

Please be advised that the radon test will require closed house conditions for 12 hours prior to placement of the test. Closed house conditions will also be required during the test (2-5 days). Click this link for the Radon Placement Requirements. You or your agent should inform the seller about the Radon test.

Radon placement/pick-up

All of our inspectors are radon Certified Individuals.  We also have employees that are Certified Individuals and not home inspectors.  The home inspector will only visit the property one time for the inspection and often the radon canisters will be picked up by a non-inspector employee.  Radon pick-ups take approximately 5-10 minutes and we are unable to inspect or evaluate any other component of the property during that time.