Our Fees

VBInspect accepts Credit Card payments or Cash. Effective Aug 1, 2021, we no longer accept personal checks. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

The following is a breakdown of our fees. It looks complex, but don't worry! Our website will automatically calculate your fees depending on property size, property age, and services chosen.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that if you cancel or postpone an appointment less than 48 hours before the inspection, you are subject to a cancellation fee. It is not possible for us to fill an appointment within this timeframe. Please plan accordingly. 

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Single Family Homes

$400 Base Price for a house built after 1950 with less than 2000 sq. ft. finished living space. The finished living space can sometimes be obtained from the Allegheny County Real Estate website. Enter the address, search, and then click on the Building Information tab. This may also be listed on the multi-list document.  Please be sure to add on the additional sq/ft for any finished basement or additions that may not be accounted for on the Allegheny County website. If you don't know the sq/ft of the house, please call our office to schedule.

*There may be an additional fee for houses that are outside of our typical radius to the Greater Pittsburgh area.  If your house is more than 20 miles from the downtown area, we may contact you to adjust the price.

  • FOR OLDER HOMES - Add $40 to Base Price if house was built prior to 1950.
  • KNOW THE SIZE OF HOME - For every 500 sq.ft. of house size, the price increases. The increase will be calculated when you enter the size of the house in the order. Be sure to include all finished space in the size. 
  • HOUSES OVER 3,500 sq.ft. ​- Please call our office at (412) 885-1133 or contact us online if house is over 3500 sq.ft. finished living space.  These inspections take longer and this requires us to adjust our regular schedule.
  • CONDOMINIUMS - Depending on the size of the condo unit and the scope of the inspection, there may be a discount on the inspection price. This is typically $50 off of the price of the corresponding size. Please call our office for exact pricing. If you found a time on our schedule that you want for the appointment, you can order online and call our office afterward to explain the property for exact pricing. 

Detached Garages

Detached garages are not included in the price of the inspection of the home. If there is a detached garage that you wish to have inspected (added onto the home inspection), please note that an additional fee will be assessed. Please call our office to let us know if there is a garage. We will not inspect it unless you let us know ahead of time. 

  • Basic Detached Garage Fee - add $75.00 (basic 1-2 car garage, simple structure, electric for lights and outlet - no subpanels, no extra rooms)
  • Detached Garage Fee - add $100.00 (1-2 car garage, electric subpanel, and/or bonus room above or below such as attic or basement)
  • Large Detached Garage Fee - add $125.00 (range of 3-4 car garage, may have electric panel, and/or attic space or basement space)
  • Detached Garage w/ Apartment Fee - add $300.00 (detached garage with a extra room(s), separate utilities for HVAC, Plumbing, Electric)
  • Carriage House - add $300.00 (separate building on property with normal house utilities - under 2000 sf)


Multi-Family Homes (Duplexes and Apartments)

Add $125 to Base Price for each additional unit. (e.g. add $125 for a two family house, add $250 for a three family house)

Commercial Inspections

Please call our office at (412) 885-1133 or contact us online for any commercial building inspections. Our price scale and schedule are different for commercial properties.

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections

  • With a Home Inspection: Add $75 to Base Price.
  • Pest Inspection Only: Starting at $150 depending on size and location

Please call our office for scheduling a Pest Inspection without a Home Inspection

We use the National Pest Management Association Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (Form NPMA-33). This report is typically required by mortgage lenders. As stated on the report "This report is not a guarantee or warranty as to the absence of wood destroying insects nor is it a structural integrity report." Upon receipt, please read each page of the report in its entirety before signing.


Radon Tests

  • Add $150 to Base Price to add a Radon Test to a Home Inspection
  • Add $175 to Base Price if the Radon Test is set before or after Home Inspection*
  • $175 for Radon Test without Home Inspection. Please call our office 412-885-1133 if you need to schedule a radon test without a home inspection. 

For multiple radon tests at one location (i.e. an apartment building) we offer a discounted fee. Please call our office to coordinate.



We primarily work in Allegheny County. We will travel outside this radius, however there is an upcharge for inspections that are over 20 miles from downtown Pittsburgh. This charge is typically around $75-$150 for the extra travel time. If your inspection property is more than 20 miles from Pittsburgh, please call our office as we may need to adjust our schedule to fit the travel time.