Finished Living Area and Year Built

Finished living area is the useable living area in the house. It excludes the garage, unheated attic, and wall thickness (both interior and exterior walls).  Useable area often does include an unfinished basement as we inspect the foundation walls, appliances, and various other vital components of the house that are located or accessed from the basement. 

If the house is in Allegheny County, please go to the Allegheny County Real Estate Web Site. Enter the street name, then street number, then click search, and then click on the Building Information tab. You can then observe the finished living area and year built.

Another good refrence for finding out informatino about the property Zillow and Trulia websites that compile all public information about properties. 

If the house is not in Allegheny County, you can assume the finished living area listed below. The inspector may calculate the actual finished living area whenever the inspection is performed and the price will be adjusted if necessary.

  • Less than 2000 sq ft - 3 or less bedroom, 1 bath
  • 2000-2500 sq ft - 3-4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms
  • 2500-3000 sq ft - 4 bedroom, 2 baths, big finished basement
  • Greater than 3000 sq ft - big house, lots of rooms and bathrooms

Ask your realtor or check the listing sheet for year built if the property is not in Allegheny County.