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1. When calculating the square footage of your house, please include finished basements. The county website or real estate listing information may not include the basement in the square footage of the home, however this does add time for the inspection, so we do include finished basements in the square footage.

2. If the house is larger than 3500 square feet, please call or email the office to schedule. This will take a longer time slot. Our website does not show you prices for this size of house as well. If you order the inspection for a larger house now online, we may have to change the date or time which could affect your timeline. 412-885-1133 or

3. You will be asked later if there is a Detached Garage / Carriage House on the property. If you want this inspected click the button to let us know. We will need to contact you for pricing as there are additional variables that affect the pricing for detached structures. We do not inspect detached structures unless arranged ahead of time. 


** Do not use the back arrow on your web browser, or the date and time you requested will no longer be available.

** Please be patient when choosing a size and age, the drop down menus take time to process.

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