Technical Links

American Society of Home Inspectors - This is our biggest and best source of home inspection information.

PROASHI - This is a good source for home inspectors in the Pittsburgh Area. If we can't do your inspection, make sure you get a PROASHI member.

Aluminum Wiring Hazards Website: This website, hosted by answers nearly all questions about aluminum electrical wiring inspection, hazards, and repairs

American Forest and Paper Association Guide to Deck Construction: This isn't the only way to build a deck, but it is a very thorough guide based on recent standards, and has been adopted as a supplement to the building code by several local municipalities.

Asbestos - Good site with more links about Asbestos.

Asbestos Roof Tiles - Helpful website from Colorado providing information on Asbestos roof tiles and general information on asbestos.

Asbestos Roof Tiles - Repair/restoration information regarding Asbestos tile roofs.

Babyproofing Pittsburgh - Suggestions for how to child-proof your home to make it safer for babies and small children.

Crawl Spaces - Here is some information that shows how to deal with a damp crawl space

Condensation in attics - From our Neighbors to the North - where they have lots of condensation problems. Its a little technical, but this article is the best that we have found.

Clay Roof Tiles - Helpful website from Colorado offering sales and information for rare or hard to find clay roof tiles.

Crawl Spaces Technical Data - Research data that explains problems with crawl spaces.

Dryer Venting - Information on how to properly vent your dryer. Most manufacturers DO NOT recommend using flexible dryer venting materials.

Federal Pacific Stab-loc circuit breakers - A thorough explanation on how these panels can be an electrical/fire hazard.

Foundation Wall Anchors - Remember that it is always best to have a foundation evaluated by an independant Structural PE (Professional Engineer) rather than a foundation repair contractor (so that you can get a thorough inspection without a sales pitch).

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement - A new foundation reinforcement system that looks better than wall anchors but will not pull the wall back into place.

Ground fault protection- More information on ground fault protection devices.

Ground fault protection requirements - Recommended GFCI locations and history.

Magnetic fields- Do magnetic fields cause cancer?

Mold - Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) website on mold and moisture.

The BEST Mold Link - The latest research about mold on Building

Online Cost estimating guide - Enter specific information and your zip code and --- like magic - there is your estimate.

Powered Attic Ventilators - There can be problems with attic fans, and they generally are not cost effective for venting attics.

Radon Information for the General Public: Bureau of Radiation Protection website has a ton of information about radon, testing and mitigation. You can find our certifications on this site. 

Radon: Citizens Guide to Radon

Radon: Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon

Slate Roof Contractors Association -Official website of the Slate Roof Contractors Association - allows users to search for contractors by state. Contains links to further information regarding slate, as well as other Professional Roofing Associations.

Slate Roofs - The largest source for slate roof information, further reading, videos, discussion forums, and anything else you could possibly want to know about slate.

Tempered glass requirements - Long and complicated requirements of today.

Termite Treatment - Everything you need to know about termites and termite treatment from Glenn daughter's alma mater. Go Hokies!

Truss Uplift - This condition sometimes occurs in newer construction with significant cracking at the wall/ceiling joint. This links to Wayne Falcone's site .

Vermiculite insulation - EPA's website on vermiculite insulation that may be asbestos containing.