Our Inspectors

All of our inspectors are Certified with the American Society of Home Inspectors.  We are also a PA State Certified Radon testing firm (1607) and have multiple radon certified testing individuals.  We are a certified pest control firm (BU 7931).

All of our inspectors are employees, not subcontractors.  

Jason Greenawalt

Jason Greenawalt Inspector

Jason worked alongside Tim for a year-long apprenticeship before beginning to perform inspections on his own. Jason's second year with VBInspect expanded to include more inspections on his own, more inspections alongside Tim, Harry, & Ralph, and increasing responsibility for the majority of our Radon testing work.

In April of 2016, Jason purchased ownership of the company from Tim Raufer.

Jason came to VBInspect with a background in Kitchen and Bath Design.  Despite a varied resume in renovation and home repair, he preferred the challenge of Kitchen and Bath remodeling.  Kitchens and bathrooms are the places where everything comes together - millwork, plumbing, flooring, wiring, technology, layout - this put Jason in the ideal mindset for a home inspector - the abilty to see homes as inter-related systems. 

Jason is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), and has been a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors since 2013. He is licensed for Wood Destroying Insect inspections and Radon Testing in PA. 

Ralph DeNinno Inspector

Ralph has been an ASHI Certified inspector since 1987.  Ralph is a founding member of the PRO-ASHI chaper and served as its first treasurer. He has served as the past president of PRO-ASHI (Pittsburgh Regional Organization of ASHI), as a past board of directors member of the ASHI National Board of Directors and served on various national and local committees.  

He begain doing home inspections in 1982 and started with Vernon Building Inspections in 1989. Ralph has been in the remodeling industry for as long as he can remember and started his own contracting business in 1978, which he still operates. 

Harry Thompson Inspector

Harry has been an ASHI Certified inspector since 1990.  He has served as the past president of PRO-ASHI (Pittsburgh Regional Organization of ASHI) and was a board member of Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh.  The first house Harry worked on was in 1962 in Raccoon Township.  Harry is BA-MED and has been associated with the real estate industry for the past 4-5 decades in different facets. 

Harry has children, grand-children, dogs, cats, and the whole catastrophe. Harry has performed over 6,000 home inspections to date and for one reason or another has been in 20,000 houses. 

Tim Raufer Inspector

Tim worked as an inspector for VBInspect for many years prior to purchasing the business from the previous owner and founder, Glenn Vernon.  After seven years of leading the company, Tim decided to step down as the Owner and President of VBInspect allowing him more time to spend with his family.  Although not on a regular basis, Tim still performs inspections occasionally.  

Tim graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He also enjoys doing building and design consultation on the side.  

Completed Inspections

It is difficult to count the number of inspections that were completed by Harry and Ralph prior to the launch of our website in 2003.  We estimate that our inspectors have completed a combined total of at least 13,000 inspections.